How to configure School email accounts in

Through the Ministry of Education and Ghana Education Service, the Government of Ghana has generated corporate email addresses for all institutions under the ministry. The purpose of this email address is to enhance official correspondence between the employer and the Head of the institution.

The following steps will help you configure your corporate email for all official correspondence with your employer.

Open your desired web browser and type the URL ‘‘ eg. Google chrome, Firefox, Opera etc.

outlook page

Sign in 

Click on the Sign in button and enter your corporate email address provided by your employer.

Click on the Next button after typing the correct email address.

Contact your employer for your corporate email address.

NB. Be careful when entering the address. It is case sensitive 


sign in

Enter password

Enter your given default password from your employer.

Contact your employer for your default password.
Click on the Sign in button after typing the correct password.
NB. Passwords are case sensitive.

Do not click on reset it now or Forgot my password.



Update your password.

Use a mixture of alphabet, symbols and figures for your password.

eg. ahrTb£892$%

click on Sign in after updating your password.

NB: Remember to use a strong password for your email address and write it in a safe place.


Click on the next button



Click on the Next button ” You’ll need to set up at least 1 of the options below” and follow the next instructions.

Download the Microsoft Authenticator app  from google playstore.

ms authenticator

Follow the instruction on your screen and get your account secured with Microsoft Authenticator.

Open the authenticator app on your mobile device and click on Add account

Select work or school account.

Select Scan a QR code

Scan the QR code on your Screen with your Microsoft Authenticator app and click on Next.



Click on Approve to secure your account





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